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Blogojevich on Philly vote cheating: “Is the pope Catholic”?

Keep in mind that Rod Blagojevich owes one to President Trump, who commuted his sentence.

Still, the corrupt former Democratic Governor of Illinois, and former associate of Barack Obama, knows what he is talking about on this subject.

4 thoughts on “Blogojevich on Philly vote cheating: “Is the pope Catholic”?”

  1. Who would have ever thought by mailing out mass ballots to everyone that this could turn into a complete sh*t show. In my opinion, China released the virus on the world with the goal of getting rid of Trump. You put their economy on notice because Trump was looking out for us by trying to level the playing field. Nobody could vote in person due to the virus. The stage was set for the biggest election fraud in history.

  2. How I wish Rod would have admitted this when he was in power, then maybe while I lived there, my conservative votes might have had a tiny chance.

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