In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Video || Election protests break out around the country

5 thoughts on “Video || Election protests break out around the country”

  1. Yes KK, this is the predicted chaos. Maybe the rioters know that once the dust settles, Trump will win!!!

    Or maybe they are just crazy anarchists.

  2. A billion dollars, a 5 yr hate campaign, lies and a faux impeachment have created this mess for us.
    Why would millions of supposedly intelligent voters cast their support to a man who is obviously mentally distressed and partnered with a woman who is ‘no better than she should be’? Their promises – raise your taxes, stop the flow of fossil energy, creating a country that we wouldn’t want to live in.
    I’m at a loss of ideas, words.
    Now they protest. Something. It’s fun?

  3. Where are the Republicans, why aren’t more than just a few of them demanding “justice and transparency” for those who voted for President Trump? Where are they? On a local level those states that DJT was winning in, before these voting fraud shenanigans, I hope they are pounding on the office doors of their representatives! Phone lines should be burning up! Where is William Barr?

    1. Agree. The more info that comes out the worse it gets.
      They had months to prepare their dodgy ballots. Too many ballots for too few people?
      What a mess.

  4. There’s this theory I have — haven’t fully formulated it — where prosperity brings stupidity — when you don’t have 3rd World issues – you know that you have your meals covered – you don’t have to decide between this and that. During WW2 did we worry about the environmental impact of a bombing test site? No. During times of famine we worried about the whales — worried if there was a way to catch/kill/eat them…..

    We things are good — you cant fully appreciate how good they are — when we have 30M illegals pour in or 9% unemployment or .2% GDP growth — you will forget that it was not always like that.

    And wait until we carry more of those folks that dont want to work…. Venezuela here we come.

    These protests are from the dumbasses that have no idea was real work is or what real sacrifice is…. /SMH

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