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Trump and Biden battle for the presidency with several states undecided

President Trump and former Vice President Biden were deadlocked in a tight race early Wednesday morning, with several states not yet called and each candidate having a chance to win the election.

As of 7:00 am, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada had yet to be decided, with votes still being counted. Trump leads by about two points in Georgia, one in North Carolina, one in Michigan, and by 11 in Pennsylvania, though in the latter two states there were many votes yet to be counted. Biden barely leads in Wisconsin — the state is basically tied — and is ahead by less than a point in Nevada.

It is not clear how this will be resolved.  To win, Trump probably needs to prevail in both Georgia and North Carolina. I don’t see how Biden can catch up in Pennsylvania, despite the drama of contested ballots about to ensue, so the president is likely to win there. If he wins those three states, then he still has to win either Michigan, Wisconsin, or Nevada. I think he will get at least one of those. If he loses Georgia or North Carolina, which seems possible, then he must win Michigan and either Wisconsin or Nevada.

So, it’s very, very close.

And now, I’m going to sleep.

3 thoughts on “Trump and Biden battle for the presidency with several states undecided”

  1. One nation, divisible.
    Regardless of the eventual outcome, certain data has emerged:

    We are truly a divided nation, which is not a bad thing.
    You can spend $100m and lose ( SC)
    The Latino vote is emerging big time
    Groundswell of voter enthusiasm can successfully combat media bias
    Polling is not even a science.
    We desperately need a universal voting mechanism accepted by 50 states.

    thanks KK for staying up late…


  2. The fix is in and the tricky ballots the left pushed so hard will likely give the Gimmiedat Potty enough of those too-close-to-call states to push PedoJoe over the top. They knew they couldn’t win an honest election, so they did what that Potty always does — they cheated.

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