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The race between Trump and Biden is not over yet

President Trump still has a chance to win reelection. That’s because he still could win in Arizona, despite the calls by AP and Fox News of the state for Joe Biden.

Here’s how AP explained its call:

The AP called the race at 2:50 a.m. EST Wednesday, after an analysis of ballots cast statewide concluded there were not enough outstanding to allow Trump to catch up.

With 80% of the expected vote counted, Biden was ahead by 5 percentage points, with a roughly 130,000-vote lead over Trump with about 2.6 million ballots counted. The remaining ballots left to be counted, including mail-in votes in Maricopa County, where Biden performed strongly, were not enough for Trump to catch up to the former vice president.

Ohhhhkay. I’m looking at the CNN live election results map — even if you don’t like CNN, check it out, it’s great — at 7:45 pm ET November 4. It says that 82% of the vote has now been counted, and that Trump is down by about 93,000 votes and about 3.5 percentage points.

Now that is quite a change, isn’t it?

Ned Ryan, founder and CEO of the conservative activist nonprofit American Majority, writes in American Greatness:

Fact is, upwards of 600,000 votes, mostly early, in-person ballots, are still being counted in the Grand Canyon State today. That’s one of the reasons CNN and ABC News haven’t called the state for Biden. Yet Fox refuses to retract its Arizona call.

While Trump does currently trail Biden by just over 90,000 votes, the numbers coming in on vote breakdown are, according to the Trump campaign, holding true to Election Day votes, which broke about 65 percent to 35 percent for the president. Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said on a call Wednesday with reporters that “based on the math we’ve been seeing as these late ballots are counted, anywhere from two-thirds to 70 percent of these votes are coming to the president.”

If true, and if the campaign’s numbers are right, Trump would in fact overtake Biden in Arizona. Depending on the percentage of how the remaining votes break, whether it’s 58 percent or 60 percent or 65 percent, the Trump campaign might be able to squeeze out a vote margin of anywhere from 7,000 to 30,000 votes—perhaps as many as 50,000—shifting  Arizona’s 11 electoral votes into Trump’s column.

More votes will be in from Arizona soon.

Trump could also still win in Nevada too, where Biden leads by less than 8,000 votes. But Nevada, as some of you know, is a Democratic machine created by the greasy old pol Harry Reid.

The problem is that Trump has to hang on in Georgia and Pennsylvania. Both of those are far from sure bets. So even if Arizona happens, things have to break his way.

10 thoughts on “The race between Trump and Biden is not over yet”

    1. I looks like Trump won Alaska.
      50 % escrutado · The Associated Press aún no publicó los resultados oficiales · 3 votos electorales · Más información
      % de votos
      Recuento de votos

      Donald Trump
      Republican Party
      62.1 %

      Joe Biden
      Democratic Party
      33.5 %

  1. Thank you for the updates! I’ve always thought we should have to wait for all the votes to be counted before a total is known. In some past races, some precincts & states didn’t even bother counting Absentee ballots because they would claim it didn’t matter. So I guess in that one respect, this election will finally let every real ballot be counted ( and I am praying that our good Father God will prevent any false or fake or late votes from damaging a true outcome).

  2. That Fox News guy -snarky dude- should be fired for calling AZ for Biden when only 50% of the vote was in. When asked about it he was so condescending to Brett Baer. People watch Fox News so they don’t have to watch as-holes like that. -I don’t remember his name unfortunately but he’s in charge of tallying. Fire the guy.

    1. I saw the same cut-in that you watched, and had the same reaction. He’s the same guy — a Democrat, I’ve been told — who did their projections in ’16, and he was a snarky SOB then. Now he’s standing on what could be a nice, stinky dung hill of his own creation if he has to backtrack on AZ.

  3. I remain hopeful. But, if President Trump should lose then: 1) we need to be PROFOUNDLY grateful for the GOP retention of the Senate AND the fantastic collaboration between POTUS and Majority Leader McConnell on the judiciary at all levels over the past 4 years. 2) We need to build on the work done by the Trump Campaign in expanding the Republican coalition in Florida and elsewhere and by the GOP in recruiting great House candidates – especially women! – this year. 3) We need to spread the message that the Republican Party (with or without Trump) is a party of inclusion and opportunity for ALL. 4) We need to work harder than ever to fight back against the Democrats and the media (yes, I know often they are one and the same) to control the messaging for 2022 and beyond. 5) We have to remember that the left is in this for the long haul and we must be as well. This is one battle, and not the war. This applies even if President Trump is re-elected. There is no more downtime.

    1. Very good points Sarah. You put lots of thought into it. I hope the establishment and progressive fight so much they even make the Democratic Party more broken. Daniel Ortega remains in power in Nicaragua because the opposition parties refuse to make a united front.

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