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Biden’s final campaign gaffe was his worst senior moment yet

He introduces his granddaughter as his dead son Beau and then mistakes her for her cousin.

This could be your next president. I mean, for a year or so, before he is replaced by Kamala.

9 thoughts on “Biden’s final campaign gaffe was his worst senior moment yet”

  1. How anyone could vote for someone with his mental capacity is beyond me. He also said his son, Beau served in the Senate which is not true.

    I question the mental state of any voter who would vote for him and entrust the fate of the United States of America in his hands, no matter which party they belong to.

    1. We know Nancy has prepared the amendment for his early removal, on grounds of incompetence, and yet still people voted for him. Difficult to tell who’s more incompetent, Biden or his voters?

  2. If Biden wins, dementia cause and concern will become hyper focused.
    A terrible fate for anyone, let alone the highest office of the land.


  3. I am extremely disturbed by the possibility of Biden gaining the White House. A video recently surfaced where Bernie is having a zoom session with the squad. He was telling them when Biden gets elected, they will be able to convince Biden to push Medicare for all. AOC had the biggest smile on her face. AOC + 3 will be able to make the White House their 2nd home and radical left ideology will be pushed hard. The deep state and the Establishment will reign supreme. They will go after conservative organizations and individuals just like they did under the Obama administration. The press will not mention any shenanigans that a Biden Administration will engage in. Social media will continue to censure. Bad actors from the Obama-Biden era will be back. Foreign policy will suffer; Iran, just to mention one bad actor, will be happy to have Biden as president. Illegals will rejoice; the Wall may even be torn down. I am concerned over the games being currently played with ballots to ensure a Biden victory. It will get worse if Democrats take over the Senate. I am extremely concerned for my country; I am 72 so I am at the last stage of my life. I fear for my country and its hard working, average American citizen; I fear for my grandchildren. What kind of country will they inherit? Enough said; I hope I can sleep tonight.

  4. We’re supposed to believe that Joe is the far better choice, that he ran a better campaign, and that the majority of Americans voted for him. I call BS. This is Al Franken’s cheating win, on STEROIDS!

  5. The oldest voter for Biden they have found so far was a 170 year old in Michigan, the graveyard shift were busy voting for him, obviously.

    never has there been such obvious ballot dumping. Anyway I recall his senior moment where his wife was speaking at the microphone and he was wandering around aimlessly in the background, looking blank. He really should be in a nursing home.

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