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Associated Press calls Wisconsin for Biden

This is bad news, because it doesn’t look to me like President Trump is on track to win Michigan, Nevada, or Arizona either. And he needs at least one of those to win. Even if he wins Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina.

But the legal fights are about to begin.

It looks like Biden is ahead in Wisconsin with essentially all the vote counted,  49.4 percent to 48.8 percent.

According to the Associated Press:

The fate of the United States presidency hung in the balance Wednesday as Democratic challenger Joe Biden picked up a win in Wisconsin while fighting President Donald Trump in other battleground states that could prove crucial in determining who wins the White House.

Neither candidate cleared the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House, and the margins were tight in several other battleground states. Top advisers for both Biden and Trump on Wednesday morning expressed confidence that they respectively had the likelier path to victory in the outstanding states.

The AP called Wisconsin for Biden after election officials in the state said all outstanding ballots had been counted, save for a few hundred in one township and an expected small number of provisional ballots.

Trump’s campaign has requested a recount. Statewide recounts in Wisconsin have historically changed the vote tally by only a few hundred votes; Biden leads by 0.624 percentage point out of nearly 3.3 million ballots counted.

4 thoughts on “Associated Press calls Wisconsin for Biden”

  1. First, thank God the GOP held the Senate.
    Next, Trump will not sit idly by and take this without a battle.
    I detest the post election day squabbling, but our current system begs for it.

    Maybe we need a good old fashioned political and legal street brawl so we can for once and forever put forth a national system for Presidential elections, one that would be adhered to by ALL states, with proper early voting mechanisms that don’t give a false report on election night.


  2. I don’t believe anything from the media or from Biden’s people. Nothing will convince me that a zombie like-dementia ridden-corrupt-do nothing for 47 years previously-Joe Biden has won anything but the most Left leaning states! How convenient that every toss up state has gone to Biden! How convenient that every suddenly found ballot is for Joe! Joe didn’t have crowds of supporters willing to waiting hours or days to see him. Joe didn’t have car, boat, or motorcycle parades with thousands of supporters. Joe most times never left his basement, and when he did he was confused about everything and everyone in his own family. Don’t get me started about Kamala, who was so unlikeable she dropped out of her own primaries early! Actual votes count, not ballots that come from some Democrat operative’s trunk! Thinking back to Amy Coney Barrett’s interrogations by Democrats, she was asked would she “recuse” herself from any election decisions. Now Nancy Pelosi is calling her an “illegitimate” Justice, how convenient is that?

    1. Well said! I can’t imagine what President Trump’s supporters are feeling now. I think there has been some blatant and disgusting trickery committed by the Democrats. There’s no way Biden should win. I’m Canadian and I was near tears this afternoon, I love President Trump and he must win!

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