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Video || Biden pitched softballs as he visits childhood home in Scranton

Listen to the questions from the press. How did you feel in there on a day you might be elected president? and, weirdly, Have you spoken to President Trump today?

My profession, falling down on the job as usual.

4 thoughts on “Video || Biden pitched softballs as he visits childhood home in Scranton”

    1. I blame all those gut less, no brain, no balls, sycophant so-called “reporters” who were ‘allowed’ to follow senile Biden.

      If any of them were near Pres Trump they would be YELLING dozens of biased, arrogant, hate-filled accusations/questions at Trump.

  1. Just ask him how old he was when he left that house and that town….then sit back and wait….

    I think he was 9. This is just hokey


    1. Actually he was 10. Which was….er ,… 67 years ago, 1953…..

      4 years before I was born.
      4 years before Sputnik was launched.
      JFK was 36.
      Kruschev was in power.
      There were no push button phones.
      the Rosenbergs were executed same year.
      Sir Edmund Hillary first to reach summit of Everest.
      And…. Joe Biden leaves Scranton….

      His visit there is meaningless.

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