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Republicans already outvoting Democrats in Florida

Watch Florida. It could get called relatively early, and if President Trump is winning big there, as I expect, it will suggest he is in good shape for reelection and possibly even headed toward a landslide.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Republican voters have already taken out of a significant chunk of the Democratic early voting lead just a few hours into Election Day voting.

“Republicans in Florida outvoted Democrats by 20k votes as of 7:20 AM…. and the panhandle isn’t even open yet,” author Ryan James Girdusky noted on Twitter, echoing a similar observation by Republican pollster Patrick Ruffini.

“Republicans already outvoting Dems 2.5 to 1 in Pinellas today after being slightly outvoted by them in early voting period,” Ruffini said.

During the early voting period, Democrats outvoted Republicans in the state of Florida by 1.3%, slightly lower than their 2016 advantage of 1.4% heading into Election Day. A wave of Republican voters on Election Day powered President Trump to victory in the state.