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The enthusiasm builds for Trump

If anything, what we are seeing in the closing moments of this race is more passion than ever for President Trump.

Some of you have noted to me that the support seems more fervent than it was in 2016.

This is another reason I believe Trump is going to win, in addition to those I cited in my piece for NBC News.

I submit that there has been no president in the modern era, and perhaps ever, has been elected as a protest against the other candidate and not because of who they are. Let’s face it. Nobody cares about Joe Biden. Nobody cares what he wants or what he says. Supporters will vote for him because he is not Donald Trump or because they think he will be influenced by the leftists who will surround him. And his opponents will vote against him for the same two reasons, only with the added dimension that they like Donald Trump and what he stands for.

There is no passion for Biden. No lines of people waiting to see him, no throngs of admirers eager to risk Covid-19 to touch him. It’s not clear to me whether he refuses to stage rallies because he is adhering to doctors’ orders or because he’s afraid nobody will show up.

3 thoughts on “The enthusiasm builds for Trump”

  1. I don’t recall a modern President who shows the public who he really is, warts and all.
    He’s our Babe Ruth, our Clint Eastwood, Mohammad Ali – the kind of guy who says what he thinks while doing what he said he would do.
    We may not like or agree with what he says, but we respect that he is the best at what he does.
    The five years of constant battle with every part of our government, the MSM, and anti-Trump people make him a hero in our eyes – the guy they couldn’t beat down.
    For us “little people” who don’t have a chance of winning anything from the big, invasive and cold-hearted government, Donald Trump is ‘da man’.

    1. You’re right, Trump makes no pretensions about who he is even when there are times when it might benefit him to “act like a politician” and smooth things over. I cannot imagine that with the level of support he has — and has consistently had, although lately it’s been growing and growing — that he is going to lose to Joe Biden/Kamala Harris.

  2. Obama was always consumed with being the “cool” President.
    Biden is consumed with not making a mistake, for 47 years.
    Trump is consumed with getting the job done, hitting the finish line at full speed.

    Today is all about turn out.
    Will it be the Trump red wave or the Anti-Trump angry people.


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