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Why Trump is going to win again

Good morning everyone. This is from a piece I did for the NBC News website, titled, “Here’s why Trump is probably going to win again — just like he did in 2016.”

Contrary to the prevailing wisdom among the cognoscenti, history and current circumstances suggest President Donald Trump is going to defeat former Vice President Joe Biden — for some of the very same reasons he came from behind in 2016 to shock the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

But Biden and his campaign are making mistakes that will ensure little of this matters. And the polls are almost certainly wrong again. The only question is by how much.

The economy is turning around, playing to Trump’s strength. The president has made significant outreach to minorities, and a relative handful of Black voters switching from Democrat to Republican could help him secure states like Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina. Not to mention that Trump — unlike Biden — is actually campaigning for the job.

Think of it. Clinton wandering around the woods near her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., kicking herself for not appearing even once in Wisconsin. Meanwhile Biden is only now belatedly hitting the trail — a little. This is a risky experiment. Every modern presidential candidate has traveled as much as humanly possible — and then traveled some more. Meeting and speaking to voters — responsibly — is key. Biden is exploring the political equivalent of eating consommé with a fork.

You can read the rest of the piece here on the NBC News site. I hope you enjoy it.

14 thoughts on “Why Trump is going to win again”

  1. Just watched his rally in Washinton, MI. Packed with a roaring crowd at 35 degrees and snow flurries. Where is Joe today – in front of a cozy fire in his basement???

  2. Elizabeth Carney-Goeking

    Dear Keith,
    As usual, your writing reflected a thoughtful, fairly presented reflection on your subject; something that I have come to depend on from you. I hope you are correct in your prediction. Somehow I just can’t get on board with Joe and Kamala thinking it’s okay to rip off babies’ arms and legs, and suck out their brains, as long as we don’t have to hear them scream.
    From an appreciative reader,
    Liz Carney-Goeking RN, MSW, MS

    1. I agree with you.
      I am old enough to remember what it was like for women before the Roe vs Wade ruling. Those were the days before the “Pill”, before unwed mothers were honored and blessed, before menopausal women could rest easy that they wouldn’t become mothers at the age of 50, and when young women found themselves pregnant every year. Right or wrong, there was a lot of support for legalized abortion.
      Today, abortion isn’t necessary, social mores have changed, medical advances have improved women’s lives, and the abuse of the unborn child is sickening, immoral, and disgusting to everyone.
      It’s time to change the abortion laws to limit it’s use to medical issues and certain legal issues.

      1. Not to mention the lasting effect abortion has on some who have had one. I worked with a girl who wasn’t ready to be a mom. She was a sobbing disaster post abort. Her thoughts were set on what she’d do when the birth date came about. She really was a mess. I’m sure not everyone has this much empathy, but how can you not focus on the fact that you committed murder.
        This new post birth abortion is so sickening. I have 2 boys & 6 grandsons, I can not fathom the heartlessness of that kind of murder.

  3. Two days before the election in 2016, I was sure MrTrump would be elected POTUS. Today, I’m not so sure because of the foggy mail-in ballots issues.
    He will win Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, S.Carolina, Florida and the heart of the country. It’s a toss-up in AZ, Utah, and maybe New Mexico.
    We know the Dems are the majority in the West Coast states, so the only way he could win there is with a massive turnabout of voters who put an X in the Repub side.

    It would be refreshing to think that the East Coast Dems would look to their 401K and stock holdings and realize that the future for prosperity is with a Trump presidency and not with the coo-coo platform the Dems are pushing.
    Win or lose, Donald J Trump has been the best leader we’ve had for decades – from domestic issues to foreign matters. I hope he wins again.

  4. Everything you post is worth reading. I don’t remember how i found you- early O years- but always checked in before I taught my govt class. Retired 5/16, but still interested in your insights everyday. You’re in the show, yet you seem to think like me! Thank you for this blog. Hope we’re right, TRUMP 2020!

  5. I believe he will, mostly because older voters, who are more likely to show up, will be old enough to remember the Soviets.

    It used to be when stuff like this was, quite literally, the “bad ending” to a video game. (Red Storm Rising for the Commodore 64, in that link’s case.)

    Kids these days don’t get it. But they also are less likely to vote. Ergo, Trump should win. I think.

    Didn’t stop me from picking up some extra bathroom tissue last night, however.

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