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Hunter Biden under criminal investigation: Report

Maybe the mainstream media will have trouble ignoring this. I mean, if there’s actually a criminal investigation, and one of the witnesses says Joe Biden was knowledgeable about his son’s shenanigins.

James Rosen left Fox News because of allegations of sexual harassment. But he is a reliable and good reporter.

4 thoughts on “Hunter Biden under criminal investigation: Report”

    1. James Rosen lost his job at FNC for “sexual assault allegations”…
      BUT…senile Biden is too ‘touchy’ and a hair sniffer (all on tape) and his son Hunter luvs them trashy strippers! -LOL

      1. James Rosen was a victim of Obama’s unmasking, I find it hard to believe that the sexual allegations against him are a coincidence. I don’t trust anything the Obama administration, their devotees, or the MSM says. Yet anything involving Hunter Biden is false, move along nothing to see here.

  1. If these constant investigations don’t result in some positive change (arrests, convictions, accountability), we need to stop spending gobs of taxpayer money on them. We can’t afford it. It is just another part of the workings of the swamp.

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