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Video || Liberals melting down over Amy Coney Barrett

They are accusing her of murder, racism, and even calling for her to be jailed.

Ah the liberals, advocates of tolerance a free speech.

4 thoughts on “Video || Liberals melting down over Amy Coney Barrett”

  1. It’s not just Justice Barrett who has a target on her by the deranged liberal/progressive/commies in America – it’s me, too. Many of the anti-Trump people have called for his supporters (me+) to be sent to camps, put in prison, refused housing/jobs, and some have even called for our deaths.
    Imagine that – this is still America, land of the free, but only in some people’s minds if we follow their ideas and proposals.
    Because the “deep state” that hides in the government agencies, the former “free press”, and the millions of people trained to be intolerant of other people’s beliefs, we hide who we are.
    There’s not much these haters/deranged people can do to me, but I have a large extended family that still have jobs, and hope for good things for their children, so I stay hidden.
    When Clinton called ‘me” a deplorable person in 2016 because I didn’t support her candidacy, we crossed into a new kind of political scene – one where the supporters of a candidate are fair game for harassment, violence, and worse. Inciting riots and other physical violence against anyone who has free thinking is now the norm in our country.

    Years ago, if our candidate lost the election, we accepted the results and vowed to try harder when the next election is near. No one rioted because John McCain lost the election, no one targeted Romney supporters for personal bullying.
    This kind of violence – physical and mental abuse- is something that won’t go away anytime soon.
    There will always be a different ‘voice’ in our country.

  2. Just how is Amy Coney Barrett a murderer? I would love a detailed answer from these idiots, but know it would never happen. Don’t they realize how nonsensical they sound, after all, they’re on the side that favors abortion.

  3. Liberals melting down over…_________________ Fill in the blank.

    How many times must we see Schumer, Pelosi, Blumenthal, Nadler, etal., get all worked up because somebody took their shovel in the sand box?

    The instance of their “outrage” is overused, boring, and far from contrite.

    Even left leaning voters must sigh, oh, not again, when they hear this…


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