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The numbers: Trump way ahead of Biden in campaign appearances

I don’t see how this works. Doing politics without campaigning is about like playing ice hockey without skates.

Anyway, it’s a brand new experiment, and I dont’ think it’s going to work

The Washington Examiner has tallied the numbers:

From Sept. 1 through Oct. 26, Trump led Biden in number of days traveling (35 to 27), number of visits to cities or metropolitan areas (49 to 34), and number of battleground states visited (13 to 9) — even though Trump was not on the campaign trail for a week and a half due to his coronavirus diagnosis in early October.

Part of the reason for the Democratic presidential nominee and former vice president is not traveling to campaign as much as Trump is to demonstrate concern for the coronavirus pandemic and model appropriate COVID behavior.

I think failure to campaign shows weakness and fear, and it loses a lot of free advertising. What’s more, people don’t want to be told anymore that they are in danger and need to shut down the economy, at least not to the extent they were once willing to hear it. Biden’s message is the opposite.

8 thoughts on “The numbers: Trump way ahead of Biden in campaign appearances”

  1. Since you’ve kept track of the presidential schedule for years, it might be interesting to compare Trump and Obama, especially since we hear from the left how much time Trump spends on the golf course. I have an inkling that Biden’s future (hopefully not) presidential schedule will dwarf Obama’s.

  2. The Biden campaign is all about the ads – on TV and social media. One after another showing ol’ Joe to be the answer to all our problems.
    None of them show him mumbling, confused, distracted, and none make any reference to Obama years.
    Will this win? Does it matter that MrTrump is “orangemanbad” ?

  3. You will notice there are huge turn outs for Trump plus they show lots of enthusiasm. Bilden has small turn outs and little enthusiasm.

    Biden is letting Obama and Bernie do his campaigning. Even Cher will have a rally for him in AZ. Harris is mostly MIA.

    1. Why does the “media” NEVER show the “crowds” at these senile Biden events?
      The camera shot is always a tight shot of Biden reading & yelling what his teleprompter… Does the Biden campaign control the TV shots at his events?

  4. Biden in Warm Springs GA –Welcome Irony Department — Why you should know history… This is where old politicians go to retire, rest or in the case of FDR.. die.

    It is like doing a limo ride in past the Dealy (sp?) Plaza in Dallas or taking in a play at Ford’s theatre in DC… are these the next stops for Joe?

  5. Biden could stay home and have a life size cardboard cutout take his place at the podium. Maybe the Faux Joe will not stumble over his words like real life Joe.


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