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Video || Biden concerned about four more years of George Bush

I assume he meant George W. Bush.

He was more recently on the ballot. Although it could have been George H.W. Bush, because when memory starts to go, the longer-term stuff tends to stick with you better.

Anyway, I just checked and neither are on the ballot.

Notice how is wife Jill, who may end up running the country a la Edith Wilson at some point, quietly corrects him.

4 thoughts on “Video || Biden concerned about four more years of George Bush”

  1. The Dems/MSM who are endorsing, promoting or just pretending all is well with Biden are abusing their constitutional privileges. This horrible hoax of a viable Presidential candidate is shameful and disgraceful.
    It’s no longer funny or sad, it is infuriatingly insulting to the American public.

    How dare they present this man as qualified to be POTUS in this dangerous world!

    1. ha ha, that was so good.

      And Jill, wake up girl, your man is off the rails, you know it, and you just sit there?
      I would never let my spouse be so embarrassed..and used.


  2. Totally agree with Harv Sibley’s comment. I have been thinking of Jill Biden allowing this to happen to her husband for months now.

    My husband had Alzheimer’s and as his spouse it was my responsibility to be protective of him and not to let him embarrass himself through his actions or thoughts. If you love and care about your spouse you do it out of love for them.

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