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Live Stream || Trump participates in swearing in of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed by the Senate earlier this evening. She will be sworn in on the South Lawn at 9 pm ET.

7 thoughts on “Live Stream || Trump participates in swearing in of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court”

  1. The vote to confirm was 52-48. Sen Collins voted with the Democrats.
    Judge Barrett will also take a second oath tomorrow at the Supreme Court to make it official. This is from USA Today.

    Barrett is required to take two oaths before she can officially serve on the high court, a Judicial Oath and a Constitutional Oath. She will take her second oath on Tuesday at the Supreme Court, where Chief Justice John Roberts will swear her in — officially allowing Barrett to start serving on the bench and weigh in on a host of crucial questions set to come before the high court in the coming days.

    At this point I hope some day when Chief Justice Roberts is no longer there that she becomes Chief Justice. I consider Trump a success by appointing 3 Justices if he does nothing else.

    1. I was wondering if Collins got her head out of her ass long enough to vote correctly. I guess she didn’t.
      She will still lose her Senate seat. The Democrats in Maine don’t care how she voted. They only want a more left Democrat than Collins in the seat.

  2. To have the esteemed Justice Thomas there to swear in our newest justice, A. C. Barrett, just felt really special. Trump’s speech was too long/boring, but had good intentions. Her speech was a vigorous statement of what an independent jurist should emulate. Great day for America. Keeps hope alive.

  3. To have Justice Thomas there to administer the judicial oath to pending justice A. C. Barrett felt really special. Her speech was a laudatory statement of judicial independence. A good day for all Americans and thank you, President Trump!

  4. Promises made, Promises kept.
    What a historic, astonishing event happened when we elected Donald J. Trump to be our POTUS. He has righted the country that was on it’s way to what it was never meant to be.
    Congrats and Blessings to the courage and determination of MrTrump.

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