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Five reasons why Thursday night’s debate helped Trump

President Trump won the debate Thursday night. Here are ways his victory helped him.

1. Trump exceeded expectations. He was so off the charts during the first debate, that people wondered whether he could control himself during a debate. The president delivered a remarkably disciplined performance, making his case for himself and against Biden on the issues and attacking while not getting overly harsh. Meantime, Biden cleared the low bar set for him, but just barely. He sometimes seemed a bit confused, made errors, and was a little off his game. If he cleared the bar, his foot tapped it on the way over.

2. Biden wants to eliminate oil. This was a huge mistake. The liberal game here is not to speak specifically about getting rid of oil, but to discuss “transitioning,” which Biden said, but which you are supposed to do without saying you will end the oil industry. Everyone loves low gas prices, and everyone understands that oil affects all elements of the economy. Biden’s plan will cost average voters.

3. Serious Biden lies. Biden made two egregious lies. First, he said he never called for getting rid of fracking. That is untrue. Second, he, incredibly, revived the Barack Obama lie that under Obamacare, “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.” That was billed as the 2013 “lie of the year” by Politifact.

4. Trump made a strong appeal to black voters. President Trump is doing ample work to try to increase his share of the black vote. He emphasized that repeatedly in the debate. He doesn’t have to get too many more black voters to help him in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, and Minnesota.

5. Trump got the Hunter Biden story into the mainstream. The president was able to circumvent the media blackout on the story about Hunter Biden’s relationship with a company associated with the Chinese government, and the possible involvement of Joe Biden too.

13 thoughts on “Five reasons why Thursday night’s debate helped Trump”

  1. I’m worried. Is there enough to convince voters that a Biden win would be a disaster, a radical change and a unwelcome invasion of what’s left of our freedom?
    Orangemanbad is mean, hates immigrants, hates women/gays/Blacks/everyone, and didn’t do anything to help Americans.
    ‘ol Joe is one of us, a common man who worked hard, is good to everyone, and will bring our country back together.

    It’s late in the game, Trump could be 10 points behind.

  2. If you follow the polls, you have reason to be worried. However, I don’t follow the polls. When I have looked behind the poll results to the poll methodology there is almost always a flaw to be found in the sampling. So, I focus more on things like: voter registration trends, early voting (in person and by mail) trends, crowd size, candidate enthusiasm and the like. These ALL favor the Republicans and POTUS. If you look at where each candidate is deploying resources, I think that also speaks to how THEY think it is going (and remember, they have their own internal polls). I do believe that POTUS is on the path to victory (hopefully a BIG one) and Republicans will retain the Senate. I would dearly love to see them take back the House just so Pelosi can go bonkers, but do not have a sense as to how likely that would be. I really want to see lots of new House members with new attitudes besides the same old same old. We will know soon!

  3. I think in his 1st debate he was likely experiencing covid mental fogginess. I was shocked by his performance. Last night was more like his normal self. I didn’t vote for him in 2016 over character issues. I did not vote HC either. However after seeing what he’s done and how hard he works I have completely changed my mind. I just wish he had a little better grasp on the English language: “I feel fantastically” Haha. Keep up the good work Keith.

  4. All of us are mere armchair quarterbacks who love to say what the President should have said/done. (has anyone noticed how judgmental people on the internet are?) I have….

  5. Black voters are big this year — btw Wisconsin is also where Trump can win by a small uptick in black votes — but I think more important that the yuuuuuuge enthusiasm for Trump from an increasingly larger % of the black voters is my personal view of the other 60-70-80% that are put to sleep by Joe’s performances throughout his career and this campaign so that the turnout will be really small. Kamala is not bringing up the enthusiasm.

    The silent voter will be big also — I am a Trumper but I live where there are enough liberals — I don’t need the hassle so I do not put up a Trump sign like the 3-4 neighbors around me do. There are lots of folks like me. Lots.

  6. Well, if the fundraising numbers are any indication, then Joe Biden can just stay in the basement until Judgement Day. He could very well consider it a preview of coming attractions.

    In the 24 hours following the debate, the Trump campaign reported total donations of $26,000,000. That might be a record haul for a single day, I think.

    Scuttlebutt is, they’re going to spend that on a major ad buy in…wait, Minnesota? Well, I guess that’s scuttlebutt for you.

    I mean, really, if they’re trying to flip Minny-freaking-sota, then they must think they’ve got the likes of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania all sewn up.

  7. If I thought this election was going to be fair, I’d be fairly comfortable that Trump would win. But, like Hillsdale College, I think we are going to see a coup right out in the bright light. Win, lose or draw, the Dems are going to claim they have won. They are going to keep “counting” mail-in ballots until Biden wins in close states. They are going to sue in states where Trump wins. They are going to try to replace Republican slates of Electors with Democrat slates. In short, they are going to create chaos in the streets and it won’t end until they carry Trump out of the Oval Office, legally or not.

      1. I definitely think that way at times and then think….. The democrats – stupid enough to give us Joe — which is barely an improvement from socialist Bernie… the ones that are dumb enough to push all the wrong issues during the campaign cycle are now suddenly going to pull off a ballot scheme.

        I forgot the state — was it Iowa — where they screwed it up so badly it seemed like rock-paper-scissors was how things were decided — cant image it working..

        Wiley E Coyote… Democrats — all this ‘get out and vote’ is going to pull marginally interest people into the voting — and I suspect like an anvil that this is going to hit the Democrats in the head —

        People are tired. They want the person that can fix things.. not the talker with empty platitudes (or as many have not even heard that) an empty suit.

        First started running for office in 1968…………. And now this loser is going to make people want to vote for 1% Joe? Obama chose Joe as he needed a Yes man… and he got it….

        Joe’s record is only about putting people in jail and talking for 50+ years about anything. Of course, what do I know — I think that we need fossil fuels right now until we can figure out how to put solar panels on 110% of everything to get power 24 hours a day.

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