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Video || Trump campaign zeroes in on Joe Biden’s Hunter Biden problem

Below is a Trump campaign video focused on the potential corruption of Joe Biden related to the arrangements his own son made with shady Ukrainian businessmen.

The power of the video is that it uses relatively rare instances of mainstream media reporters and commentators saying that this is a serious matter.

How could Biden not have made sure he was aware of his son’s dealings in Ukraine while he was handling the Ukraine portfolio for the Obama administration? And knowing what he had to have known, how could he not have done something about it?

This video does not even get into whether Joe Biden, after leaving the vice presidency, benefited from Hunter Biden’s dealings with a Chinese government-linked company, as suggested by the emails that were uncovered in Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Were this Trump, there would be three of four stories a day in the Washington Post alone on the topic. But since the right-leaning New York Post broke it, and since it involves Biden, no one is curious.

This is why the media have discredited themselves in the eyes of so many Americans.

4 thoughts on “Video || Trump campaign zeroes in on Joe Biden’s Hunter Biden problem”

  1. I think it would be wise tomorrow for the President to not use the word Hunter at all. Just tie Joe in to this mess by calling it the Biden Crime Family…. and Joe is the head of it. Focusing on Hunter leaves Joe with the option to say his son has drug issues, blah blah blah…


  2. Hunter Biden had to get a special age waiver from his dad (VP Biden) to join the Naval Reserve as a “Public Affairs Officer” (most useless Officer job there is)…less than a year after Hunter’s ‘commission’ he was quietly kicked out (Dishonorable Discharge) of USNR drug test.

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