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Biden denies son Hunter profited off the family name

Not truth to this whatsoever, Joe Biden says.

“This is the same garbage Rudy Giluiani, Trump’s henchman, it’s a last-ditch effort in his depserate campaign to smear me and my family,” Biden mumbled. “The vast majority of intelligence people have come out and said there’s not basis at all.”

They have? I haven’t seen it.

And how could it not be true that Hunter Biden profited off the family name? It is the only reason he was hired by these foreign companies. The only, single, solitary reason. His last name.

And Joe Biden still can’t remember Mitt Romney’s name.


5 thoughts on “Biden denies son Hunter profited off the family name”

  1. For once, the “october surprise” is on the Dems. I believe it’s all true.

    Not much will happen because of this new info about the Biden’s money grab because almost every DC political person does the same in one way or another.
    No Congressman or Senator left their office broke and destitute, their children weren’t working the counter at Wendy’s, or struggling to pay student loans.

    As determined as our founding fathers were to prevent-royalty or aristocratic laurals on elected officials, it just happened over the years.

  2. That man, the Republican guy, what’s his name…. Britt Fromley…or what ever.
    We all lose our ability to recall names, but for a person on Cap Hill for 47 years to not recall Romney, more than one time, is troubling.

    Like saying ” that Russian dude who rides horses with no shirt on….”


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