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Melania cancels campaign appearance with president due to lingering Covid symptoms

According to the Washington Examiner:

First lady Melania Trump will not be joining her husband, President Trump, on the campaign trail like she originally planned.

The first lady was expected to appear at a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, marking her first campaign rally appearance in over a year, but it will have to wait because she’s dealing with a lingering cough weeks after she tested positive for COVID-19, her chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, told the Washington Examiner.

Grisham said the decision for her not to attend the rally was made out of an abundance of caution given her recent coronavirus diagnosis. This would have been her first public appearance since being stricken with the virus along with her husband in early October.

2 thoughts on “Melania cancels campaign appearance with president due to lingering Covid symptoms”

  1. Oh dear…. I was so happy to see her statement about her recovery some days ago. My prayers for her complete and speedy restoration to full health.
    Her comments about using natural methods for her own treatment were interesting. I wondered if she used the “Trump Cure” of which a natural version would be the Zinc, Vitamin D, and Quinine? But, she never said what and was as always gracious and thoughtful. She encouraged everyone to eat well and take their vitamins. It was quite a touching statement. She also said that Barron had tested positive but had no ill effects, which was a great relief to hear.

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