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Video || Biden grilled by press: “What flavor did you get”?

Well, there was at least some chance he would not remember.

3 thoughts on “Video || Biden grilled by press: “What flavor did you get”?”

  1. The accommodations being given to Mr. Biden are beyond belief. If he had been answering other questions and then there was a – gee btw, what flavor is your milkshake that would be one thing, but he isn’t being grilled at all.

  2. Let it be noted… The left is NOT completely intolerant… Joe’s choice of a milk shakes shows that he is at least not lactose intolerant.

    This is newsworthy!

  3. He’s been hiding in the basement these last few days, all hell is breaking loose with Hunter, and the best questions they can ask Joe is: “What flavor did you get?”

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