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Biden to remain in basement until Thursday’s debate

You’ve got to be kidding me.

They have been hiding this guy behind the coronavirus since the start of the general election. Now they are hiding him behind the debates. If they thought it would be good to have people see him, they would have people see him.

This is a major experiment by the Biden campaign in not having a candidate for political office campaign. I think it’s going to backfire. People will get not only that one candidate is more vigorous, but that something is being hidden from them.

What’s in that basement anyway? Morphine? Lobster stuffed with crabmeat? Maybe there are reasons for him to stay down there!

According to the New York Post:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is back at his Wilmington, Del., home and will not return to the campaign trail until after his face-off with President Trump at Thursday night’s debate.

The former vice president landed down in his home state Sunday evening after campaigning in North Carolina, after which the Biden campaign called a lid.

“Calling a lid” refers to a candidate or campaign indicating to the press that they will not be holding anymore events, usually for the day.

The 2020 Democrat will be focused heavily on prepping for his second and final debate, with no public events on his schedule.

A spokesperson for the Biden campaign did not respond to The Post’s request for comment on the matter.

11 thoughts on “Biden to remain in basement until Thursday’s debate”

  1. simply amazing.
    The press should be all over this. But no.
    And remarkably, Jake Tapper of all people is the one to call out Team Biden on the hide and go seek plan…. jake tapper!

    Imagine any candidate who is in his position, on the cusp of election day, sitting home for days at a time. Not a winning plan, but this is 2020, and the truth is obscured by media and big tech.

    Biden is the plane running out of fuel, hoping to land on the runway and not crash short of it.

    1. Why does NO ONE in the “media” call out the senile Biden campaign about his NON-Campaigning…? I have called the local Wilmington DE paper (NewsJournal) and they hung up on me when I asked them why they do nothing to question Biden.
      Biden will not talk to the ‘press’…and those idiot, arrogant a##holes in the “media” (from Local to National) just sit back and allow the fools representing Biden feed them lies/statements, and the “media” happily broadcast any & all senile Biden lies/statements…???

  2. Don’t discount or ignore the constant stream of Biden video ad s shown on every channel on TV. Joe’s a kind man, Joe is a caring man, Joe saved jobs, Joe worries about the elderly, Joe wants everyone to be safe, etc etc blah blah blah.

    He may not be on ‘live’ TV, but he is still everywhere.

    1. Srdem65, He is also a consensus builder.

      I think he does not have the strength and stamina to maintain a heavy schedule. I wonder how many hours of sleep he requires.

    2. I hear senile Biden radio ads at least 4 times per hour on the radio station I listen to from Philadelphia…
      Its pathetic how many media buys senile Biden has in the Philly radio & TV market (granted Wilmington DE is part of that market)

    3. Carpet-bombing ads, without ever showing up, was already an ineffective strategy back when there weren’t as many potential channels.

      When a presidential candidate comes to your state, it’s an event, and most people will want to know more, even if “more” is just the road closures. When a political commercial comes on, it’s an annoyance, and most people tune out.

  3. OT: out in the weeds OT
    MrK: What is the story with Jeffrey Toobin? Is it true?

    What is wrong with some American men who think a glimpse of their nether region would be appreciated?

    1. I seriously hope we’re not on “pics or it didn’t happen” for this story…

      I’m hearing he’s been suspended by The New Yorker while they “investigate.” But CNN still had him on the other night. Go figure.

    2. UPDATE: He wasn’t simply caught with his pants down, he was…yikes, how can I put this delicately…?

      Let’s just say that he was shaking it more than twice, and leave it at that.

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