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Obama: Biden has good “instincts.” What does he mean by that?

Barack Obama said in a podcast released Wednesday that Joe Biden has great instincts and will surround himself with smart people.

I dunno. Sounds a little bit like Obama is trying to reassure people that there are factors that will compensate for the former vice president’s apparently growing lack of mental acuity.

Biden will “have a lot of people around him who were able to translate his good instincts into actual policy that works,“ Obama said in the interview with two of his former aides on “Pod Save America,” according to Bloomberg.

So he’s just going to blurt stuff out, and others will “translate” it into policies?

Biden “understands the importance of surrounding himself with people who are smart” and who “believe in science and believe in expertise and believe in, you know, institutional knowledge and experience,” Obama said.

We’ll see how Biden does tonight. But as Britt Hume noted before the first debate, people in mental decline – he says Biden is in fact senile – have good moments and bad.


5 thoughts on “Obama: Biden has good “instincts.” What does he mean by that?”

  1. Instinct? No.
    Stink? Yes

    I can see it now: Joe B in the oval office shouts out ‘who ordered the veal cutlet?” and his staff thinks: aha, lets ban meat products.

    This is that movie, Being There, played out in real life.
    Biden is Chauncey Gardner… ck it out.


  2. My aunt’s dog has “good instincts” too… He doesn’t pee in the house.
    I do not trust senile Biden and “insticts”…or him peeing in the house.

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