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Five things Joe Biden is not telling us

Joe Biden is running a stealth campaign. There is too much we don’t know.

Trump, love or hate him, lets you know exactly where he stands.

Here are five things we don’t know about Joe Biden, his campaign, and what he will do as president:

1.  Will he ban fracking? He now says he will not “ban” fracking. But both he and Kamala Harris have suggested before that they would. And you don’t need to issue an outright ban of the practice to destroy it.

2. Will he pack the Supreme Court? After weeks of refusing to comment, he now says he’s not a “fan” of the practice. That’s not a statement that he will not yield to the incredible pressure he will be under to pack the Court should the Democrats win the Senate.

3. What is the state of his mental acuity? We see the mistakes. We don’t know if he’s been tested or what the results are of those tests.

4. Will he cut the military? He has indicated he won’t. But the Obama administration decimated the military, and cutting our defenses is how Democrats usually pay for their domestic spending. And Biden has a lot of domestic spending he wants to do.

5. Will he decimate the economy by embracing the Green New Deal? His own plan includes many elements of it. Kamala Harris cosponsored it. What was once derided as ridiculous will potentially become law under Biden.

2 thoughts on “Five things Joe Biden is not telling us”

  1. Thank you, Keith, for bring this up so succinctly. The MSM should be holding Biden’s feet to the fire on these issues. They haven’t so far, and if they don’t, the MSM will confirm Trump’s statement that the press is the enemy of the people.

  2. Too bad no one in the “media” had the brains or balls to ask idiot Biden that during the one useless ‘Presidential debate’ we had :-(

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