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Video || Biden thinks he’s running for Senate

A lot of people will be relieved to learn he is actually running for the Senate. He seems to be running in Ohio though, not sure how good his chances are there.

6 thoughts on “Video || Biden thinks he’s running for Senate”

  1. I have to question not only Biden’s mental capacity but the mental capacity of those who vote for him. Literally, the man cannot put two coherent sentences together and I wonder if he even knows what day of the week it is. Yet this is the man the Democrats want to run our country – this is all so bogus.

    1. Agree 100%. I ask my friends who despise the President, so, you don’t like Trump, can never vote for him… got it.
      But Biden?
      I ask them, tell me one constructive thing he will do that is not part of a plan to dismantle the last 4 years.
      And then I back it up with this… in the last 4 years, what has this administration done that has negatively affected your PERSONAL life.



  2. Only a really, super stupid, person could vote for this man who is a habitual liar, totally corrupt family and whom has no idea of where he is at and a damn idiot for continuing to destroy the USA with his “POS” Harris whose only accomplishment was layng on her back to get to be Vice President Nominee for Democratic Party.

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