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Trump’s doctor says he has tested negative twice for the coronavirus

Incredible. Ten days ago I watched him leave the White House and wondered if he was going to return.

The White House released this statement early Monday evening.

White House doctor says Trump is negative for coronavirus

2 thoughts on “Trump’s doctor says he has tested negative twice for the coronavirus”

  1. Is it me or has the mortality rate been absent in all recent reports about the uptick in Covid infection?
    Locally, here in NY. we get DAILY blasts about the rate of covid infection in each community, each county, each school.
    They speak in terms of grave concern as the infection rate ( OF THOSE TESTED) catapults from 0.8% to 1.1%. Duh, we are more engaged with work and school now. Gadzooks!

    But in all this, we don’t see any focus on hospitalization and never see the rate of death from Covid. And we know why: because the death rate is incredibly low, remedies are working…this is all good news… but not for the DNC


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