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Kamala Harris lied about “Honest Abe”

During the vice presidential debate, Kamala Harris said “Honest Abe” wanted to wait until the election in 1864 before sending his Supreme Court choice to the Senate. So the people could decide.

Turns out he didn’t send it to the Senate because the Senate was not in sessions.

And BTW, Honest Abe would answer the question about whether he intended to pack the Supreme Court.

1 thought on “Kamala Harris lied about “Honest Abe””

  1. Of course Kamala lied, her mouth was moving.

    Regarding Barr’s comment today, that the attempted coup report won’t be released before the election, so many of us are angry at one-sided justice! Rush just played a sound bite of Joe Biden bragging (w/Obama’s approval) and threatening to withhold aid from Ukraine, unless a prosecutor was fired for wanting to investigate Hunter’s bad behavior. Yet this was somehow turned around and blamed on Trump! How is it that both Joe and Obama, are not hauled before a Grand Jury?

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