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Video || Jane Fonda: “Covid is God’s gift to the Left”

Well, it’s good to see Jane Fonda making as much sense as she ever did.

Covid has “ripped the bandaid” off who Trump “is and what he stands for.”

4 thoughts on “Video || Jane Fonda: “Covid is God’s gift to the Left””

  1. My good friend, Capt Ron Bliss (RIP) was in one of the luxury suites of the Hanoi Hilton for about 5 1/2 yrs. He is mentioned in McCain’s book for an act of charity. He was on his 35th combat mission over North Vietnam in 1966, when his F-105 Thunderchief was shot down, and then was incarcerated in the Hoa Lo Prison, “Hanoi Hilton.” He was there 2,374 days. Jane Fonda visited the prison in 1972. When Ron and his other friends who had survived returned home to the USA, Jane Fonda called them “hypocrites and liars and pawns,” and said “These were not men who had been tortured.” In accord with the law, and accepted legal standards and principles, for what she did in North Vietnam she could have been tried for treason and convicted.

    There are various reports, and some denials, about what she did there, and stories, some questioned, of her actions. My friend Ron was an eye witness, and a pain witness, to what occurred, and to what she did. He told me that he and his fellows were threatened so that they would be respectful of Jane Fonda while she was there, tortured before she arrived, and based on their “disrespect,” tortured again after she departed. What they had done: As she went down the line greeting each man [many of whom the outside world did not know were still alive] each man surreptitiously passed her something with their service number on it so she could let folks back home know they were alive. At the end of the line she gave them all to the Commandant saying “look what they tried to do.” Of course they were all tortured again. Forgive? perhaps. Forget? never. She should have been tried for treason. Ron made it home-he was as tenacious and patriotic a person as I ever met. And I hope he welcomes me to the Heavenly Hotel someday. Guy McClung, Texas

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