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Americans oppose Democrat court packing plan: Poll

Even Democrats don’t want what Democratic leaders want, which is to stack the Court with liberals.

This is why Joe Biden won’t answer the question about whether he backs the plan. He know’s it’s unpopular, but he doesn’t want to anger the Left.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Only 1 in 3 registered voters favor a Democratic proposal to expand the Supreme Court in order to install a liberal majority, according to a new poll.

A Washington Examiner/YouGov poll found that 47% oppose growing the Supreme Court beyond its current nine members, while only 34% back the idea, popularly known as “court-packing.” Even among the 60% of Democrats who want to expand the nation’s highest court, half prefer it to be ideologically balanced, and fewer desire a liberal majority.

If the Supreme Court is expanded, just 11% of all voters want its composition to be “overwhelmingly liberal,” compared to 47% who would like to see it balanced. Democrats support a balanced court over a liberal majority by 52% to 38%.

2 thoughts on “Americans oppose Democrat court packing plan: Poll”

  1. Susan Page, the moderator of tonight’s debate, most likely will not touch the subject. She picks the questions to ask. On Sunday Mike Huckabee said Pence should ask Harris point blank if the court will be increased, if Puerto Rica should be granted statehood, will she encourage taxes be increased, doing away with the electoral college. I’d image Page won’t let him ask.
    Biden has no excuse to back out of the next debate. The debaters will be separated by plexiglass.

  2. I’d like to learn more about how exactly this question was phrased. I suspect that if it was presented as a plan favored by Democrats, the Dem respondents would’ve been overwhelmingly in favor. But if it were presented as a general question (“Do you favor adding justices to the US Supreme Court?”), they would assume it was a Trump plan since he’s in the White House, and would therefore be reflexively against it. I think a huge segment of the population are like the “Jaywalkers” Jay Leno used to talk to.

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