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Trump cancels Covid relief talks, accuses Pelosi of negotiating in bad faith

President Trump Tuesday said he was putting a stop to talks with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about a Covid relief bill, suggesting she was merely using the talk for political purposes and saying he would move a “major stimulus bill” after he wins reelection.

It’s still not clear to me that this is finished for the month. But that could be it for stimulus talks until after Election Day. Something will likely pass then given the economic urgency of the situation.

9 thoughts on “Trump cancels Covid relief talks, accuses Pelosi of negotiating in bad faith”

  1. Pelosi doesn’t understand that the three branches of government are CO-EQUAL branches despite what she may want.

    I don’t get how people such as her continually get re-elected.

    1. Marjorie… sorry, that symbol is my male emoji not sure/ shrugging. Not sure why that symbol popped instead of my shrugging/ not sure emoji.

  2. Here is what was in their bill last week. I think the $600/week is a bit too generous. The $225 billion for education and $57 billion for child care are want to deals by the Democrats. The $436 for Cities and States would go to badly run Democrats states and cities. The Democrats think all one has to do to solve a problem is throw money at it.

    The Democratic bill would:

    Reinstate the $600 per week enhanced unemployment benefit through January
    Send a second $1,200 direct payment to most Americans
    Give $436 billion in relief over one year to state and local governments
    Authorize more money for a second round of Paycheck Protection Program loans for the hardest-hit businesses and industries
    Send $25 billion to airlines to cover payroll costs
    Inject $75 billion into Covid-19 testing and contact tracing efforts
    Put $225 billion into education and $57 billion into child care
    Set aside billions for rental and mortgage assistance
    Mnuchin countered the Democrats’ plan Wednesday

  3. Pelosi keeps getting re-elected as her district is the very liberal San Francisco area and added to that unfortunately California is a blue state. As a fourth generation native Californian, she is a disgrace to our state.

  4. This is classic playbook from the President. He sees an issue that is off kilter, tosses in the grenade, and then, when the dust settles, offers a sane resolution. Watch it happen.
    This is an economic bill, right?
    And since he canned the talks, the market fell off 300 pts.
    But this morning, futures are up 200 pts.
    So the market is not scared of the President’s action…


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