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Trump campaign video touts glorious return to the White House

A triumphant Hollywood return. They weren’t going to let this go to waste. And they shouldn’t. I just hope he’ll be okay where he is now. He probably should still be in the hospital.

But people are who they are. It’s not like President Trump to remain in a sickbed any longer than he feels he has to. And whether it is the wisest thing to do medically or not, it also says something about who he is.

I do not think Joe Biden’s super-careful Covid approach, rarely ventruing outside of Delaware — or even his basement — beyond neighboring Pennsylvania, is going to play well in the end with Americans.

The cautions experts and pundits make about safety make medical sense. But those who repeat them endlessly don’t necessarily feel the loneliness and economic desolation that also causes untold damage. And Americans are not about hiding, even if I also think some of them should be more careful and Trump should not tell people they shouldn’t fear this virus.

8 thoughts on “Trump campaign video touts glorious return to the White House”

  1. Keith – regarding your final comment – it’s about not allowing yourself to live in fear. There are some people where I work and some people in our development who have done just that – it also isn’t healthy to live in fear. We can be cautious but there has to be a limit.

  2. Another thing – just watched it. It’s very Trump.
    Another thing Keith – I admire people who rise to the occasion. It could be their demise but at least they are doing it. You wouldn’t want a General to go hide either!

    1. Yes, there has to be a balance, and a limit. I walk by people who are wearing masks outside, on empty streets in the suburbs. Or in their cars! And I don’t think there are many great historical figures who would spend a pandemic in the basement.

  3. I think it is safer for President Trump to be at the White House than Walter Reed Hospital. Hospitals have a heavy germ load than the White House. I think the less a person is exposed to the wide spectrum of pathogens that live in a hospital the better off one is. President Trump clearly does not need advance life support, not even close to that. There is no reason he can not be resting at home in his own bed while his medical team monitors his recovery. Get well soon President Trump. We need you.

  4. I saw on an MSM show a while back, how some poor, swooning ‘victim of reality’ had a perfectly good job, and SHE CHOSE TO QUIT simply because she was afraid of coronavirus. I guess her plan was for uncle Joe to take care of her (?!??) This is what Trump and all US leaders need to put a stop to. We can’t survive living in fear, and it’s super-lame to entertain this crap.

    We can’t live in fear. I know coronavirus kills people. So does everything else we do every day. Let’s get back to MAGA!!

  5. Yes, Trump is right…do not live in fear. “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” Democratic President FDR said that in WWII and it is still true today.

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