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Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tests positive for coronavirus

Others in the communications department have tested positive as well.

The White House has gone from the most protect building on earth to a Covid hot spot.

6 thoughts on “Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tests positive for coronavirus”

    1. srdem65, It could very well be. Sometimes I get the impression the WH thinks it is invincible. I have my fingers crossed Mark Meadows says well.

  1. Remember when infection was scary because it meant a trip to the hospital and potential death?
    Now all we hear about is the infection rate.
    What about hospitalization or mortality?
    Just guessing but something says if we don’t hear those stats, its because they are very low and don’t fit the narrative of the MSM


  2. Father God, we ask that You heal and protect Kayleigh, Hope, Melania, and all others who were infected by this sudden and unusual onset of disease. Grant Father that plague leave the White House and all the halls of our government, and restore Washington DC to health and wholeness in ALL WAYS, that YOUR purposes may underpin all actions taken there, and that YOUR purposes and YOUR Will may be accomplished for our nation. We praise You, Father God, for restoring our President Trump to health, and for giving us Your Light to guide our way through these troubled times. To YOUR Glory, Lord, Amen.

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