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Trump transferred from White House to Walter Reed hospital

President Trump is being transfered from the White House to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland Friday evening for treatment of Covid-19.

Trump will remain at the hospital for at least several days. The president has had a fever during the day, has not spoken to the press, and has not even tweeted since announcing that he was sick.

According to ABC News, Trump is “experiencing a low-grade fever, chills, nasal congestion and cough.”

Trump walked slowly, with a mask, to the helicopter that took him to the hostpital.

Trump also tweeted out a video late Friday thanking people for their support.

11 thoughts on “Trump transferred from White House to Walter Reed hospital”

  1. Trump walked slowly….

    I wonder if it is any slower than normal…. a sampling of the last 5 or 10 times Trump walked from the pavement to the Marine One would be interesting.

    Using ‘slowly’ like that implies that in deed, factually, that Trump is slowed by the Covid-19…

    Very well could be… just be interesting to know with certainty

  2. And “transferred” in the title… implies that someone is moving him.. You know.. like the comatose person was transferred….

    If I were sick and taking an Uber or Marine One I would describe it as “going to” not ‘transferred’ — that has stretcher or such all over it. Under your own power should be ‘going’ and laid up or knocked out should use “transferred” or transported or carried or something like that. When vertical you are ‘going’

    1. “Transferred” seemed an odd word to me as well. Was he “transferred” from the White House hospital to Walter Reed Hospital? To me, it looked like he walked to Marine One. I guess he “transferred” himself?

      I think I need a break from cable news, social media, and — yes — this site as well. A long break.

      1. Transfer is medical jargon. It just means he went from the jurisdiction of one hospital to another. A shift in the responsibility for his care.

  3. Please go to the Facebook page of graphic artist Lori Vee Eastwood. She has created a wonderful picture of our President, First Lady, Praying Hands, and American Flag with a prayer. Lori is sharing it with everyone. Post it on your FB page, or better yet, use it for your cover photo so everyone can see it. God bless and keep President and Mrs. Trump. Regardless of how you feel about the man, he is our President and they deserve our prayers. Prayer warriors unite! “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” James 5:16.

  4. Last night’s car ride got the media all worked up. Suddenly the media are all bothered about the Secret Service, but not so much when the mob tried to storm the White House a few months back and the security were getting beaten up.

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