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Biden praying for Trump

Vice President Joe Biden tweeted Friday morning that he and his wife were praying for the Trumps.

4 thoughts on “Biden praying for Trump”

    1. Pelosi said Trump catching Covid was to be expected because he goes into crowds.

      Yes, better to stay at home and eat $21/pint ice cream and violate the rules in hair salons, says sprightly old Ice Cream Antoinette.

  1. Don’t like to be so negative but its hard to tell if the left is “praying” for Trump.
    these are people who really don’t care about him. Bet they are more likely
    To be praying for biden to win. Btw … the local news did a local public
    service announcement for Voting. And they amazing thing is they said was
    “in order to bring change everyone must vote !

  2. I am truly appreciating these comments coming from Democrats. It is hurtful when at a time like this your fellow Americans pile on. People can say it doesn’t hurt but it does. Our nation is so divided, it’s been a nightmare, and it makes us look at things differently when our political opponents act like human beings and say something kind, in particular when they will pray for him.
    I really do think it’s kind, it’s being human, and it should be something for all of us to think about when we type or open our mouths. Maybe we all need to dial it back a bit, maybe quite a bit. The next time we want to say something mean or volatile, maybe we should stifle it. I know I won’t call Rachel Maddow “Mad dog” again.

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