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Trump campaign says debate commission favors Biden

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Trump’s campaign is attacking the credibility of the Commission on Presidential Debates, claiming the group that organizes the events and selects moderators is rooting for Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

In a conference call with reporters Thursday afternoon, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien listed the names of some members of the board of directors of the Commission on Presidential Debates, along with information about their past political contributions and statements that suggest hostility to the president. He said the commission is composed of the sort of Washington insiders whom Biden has been “cozying” up to for the last half-century.

“These are permanent swamp monsters,” Trump campaign communications adviser Jason Miller added.

The criticism comes on the heels of Trump’s debate performance Tuesday evening. The faceoff was particularly contentious, with Trump and Biden often hurling insults and talking over each other. As a result, the CPD is considering changes to the rules for the next two debates to ensure more civility.

3 thoughts on “Trump campaign says debate commission favors Biden”

  1. And the moderator for the next debate once interned for Sniffy McHairplugs. No conflict of interest there, of course, none whatsoever, no sirree bobtail.

    They really do think we’re that stupid.

  2. Trump doesn’t need another debate, but Biden and the debate Commission desperately need another run at him. Trump should reject all of the proposed changes to cut his microphone, demand a new and unbiased moderator, and insist on inspecting Biden for communication devices. If they don’t agree, he should walk and do more airport rally’s.

  3. I concur with Cool Breeze. President Trump does not need debates with any more moderators when any one with half brain can see he or she favors Biden. It is terrible how disrespectful the main stream media try to set up the President with all the “I got ya now” questions asking the same question over and over. The President should only do rallies in air ports where thousands of people are able to support him and show what th crowd size is.

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