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Don’t feel sorry for Biden: He was just as rude to Paul Ryan in 2012

What everyone so appalled at President Trump’s treatment of Joe Biden during the debate Tuesday night was that Biden inflicted a similar level of rudeness on vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan during their 2012 debate.

According to ABC News, he smiled or broke out into laughter 92 separate times while “often interrupting” and occassinally getting personal.

it was a completely phony, bullying performance.

It even provoked this spoof from SNL

1 thought on “Don’t feel sorry for Biden: He was just as rude to Paul Ryan in 2012”

  1. I remember it well.
    Biden might look caring and so wonderful in his professional tv ads, but in real life he is a bully, mean, too loose with his hands, and likes to threaten people.
    We’ve seen this over and over when he was giving speeches to groups of supporters.

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