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Video || MSM anchors react in horror: Debate was an “assault,” scared little children

The country learned last night, for the first time, that President Trump is very rude.

Yes, that’s a joke.

I think a lot of Trump’s base loved the debate. They are scared, and they think the country needs a pugilist. And for them, that wasn’t just pugilism, it was unfettered MMA.

But these anchors do not understand the president’s supporters, or what they fear is going to happen to the country if the Democrats start running it.

5 thoughts on “Video || MSM anchors react in horror: Debate was an “assault,” scared little children”

  1. Iā€™m glad President Trump is a fighter, because we need one. The media and establishment are in the tank for Biden. Trump had the guts to call Critical Race theory insane. He was the only one who asked Joe Biden about his son Hunter getting millions from Russians. Who else would do that?

  2. We guessed he was a fighter back in 2016, and he has to fight every day.
    Last night was a continuation of his fight for respect, fight for the right things, and we know that.
    About the frightened children – really?

  3. Speaking of the fifth column masquerading as the fourth estate…

    If Trump gets re-elected, and coattails a GOP House and perhaps an expanded GOP Senate, then the American media needs to be reined in.

    Let’s do a little thought experiment. This is a little wordy, but bear with me.

    Pretend for a moment, that the regime of some enemy of the United States were to experience a domestic crisis, and, in order to maintain power, looked to placate the masses with foreign adventurism.

    Take your pick of the scenario’s belligerent; the world has more than enough bad actors. The Iranian street seems to be getting weary of the mullahs; Nicolas Maduro has all of Hugo Chavez’s corruption, and none of the personality to maintain the cult; and maybe there’s something brewing in the Hermit Kingdom that we don’t know about. Again, pick your setup, or concoct one of your own.

    This enemy nation formally declares war on the United States. They announce that, since their ideas and their system are so much better than ours, that they can take us down by destroying the very idea of America.

    (See where this is going? Again, bear with me…)

    So, to prove that, they announce that they can destroy America, without firing a single shot, and without hacking a single computer. No, they will conduct this war entirely by way of disinformation and propaganda, by planting stories with various sympathizers and useful know-nothings in the American media.

    The idea is as diabolical as it is easy on the regime’s coffers. By using the American media to pit the American people against each other, the enemy hopes that the domestic convulsions will break America into two separate, weaker nations, which could both be subsequently crushed, militarily, in turn.

    Now, in this thought experiment, what would such a war by disinformation and propaganda, designed by an enemy nation, with the express intent of destroying America from within, look like?

    Now for the key question: how would that differ, from what the American media is already doing?

    If we were to be honest, we would have to say that there is little to no difference, would we not?

    Ergo, I believe that the American media needs to be held institutionally responsible, for the domestic convulsions we have been experiencing for a long, long time, and which have so accelerated as to bring us to the precipice in 2020. Some of these latter-day Durantys need to be facing enough prison time, that they never again walk free.

    And don’t waste your breath: I am deaf to your cries of “but muh furst amenmunt.”

    Tell that bullshit to every defendant that was convicted by the media, facts be damned, and got the jury pool so contaminated, and public opinion against them so poisoned, that their life was ruined, even after their acquittal before the law.

    Tell it to every house of worship that remains shut down due to the Wuhan virus panic–a panic aided and inflamed by the American media, I note–while liquor stores, pot dispensaries, abortion clinics, and sex shops are allowed to re-open.

    Tell it to every home and business owner that had to clean up the damage–assuming they didn’t lose everything–from a mob riot that was encouraged by the media.

    And tell it to the grieving loved ones of the innocent Americans who have been assassinated, because of their race, their badge, or their perceived political affiliation, because of the domestic convulsions the American media have fomented.

    No, the First Amendment cannot protect that. The American media, right now, in 2020, is the single greatest threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that this Nation may have ever faced.

    And it needs to be dealt with, and hopefully punished, as such.

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