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Trump’s problem: Biden seemed aware of his surroundings for 90 minutes

I was shocked.

After all the meandering, mumbling performances we had seen by Joe Biden over the past year, even while reading from a teleprompter, I would have thought that whatever mental decline he may have been experiencing would have progressed to a catastrophic point by now.

Instead, Biden was pretty much on his game during Tuesday night’s debate. While not in the running for any awards for elocution, the former vice president expressed coherent thoughts and strung them together in related sentences. At times, he was even forceful and borderline eloquent. His mind is not lightening sharp, but it wasn’t doing too badly for much of the night.

Perhaps the best analytical line of the night came from Dana Perino, who said that the bar was low for Biden, and he cleared it. I’d say he more than just cleared it.

President Trump thinks Biden’s on drugs. That may not be so far-fetched. It’s reasonable that if Biden isn’t as sharp as he was, that he is given something to focus and stimulate him during a debate. If so, whatever it is, it lasts for 90 minutes. But I don’t think even with pharmaceutical help you can make a person speak as clearly for so long as Biden did if they are very mentally impaired.

The problem for Trump is that some voters who worried that by voting for Biden they might be electing an incompetent who would soon cede power to Kamala Harris might feel reassured. In a game being played at the margins, where mere thousands of votes could decide the election, that could be significant.

6 thoughts on “Trump’s problem: Biden seemed aware of his surroundings for 90 minutes”

  1. Didn’t watch it – my husband watched some of it and had to leave it behind – too chaotic. Read some summaries – sounds like no one really did well. I still think we won’t see Biden out and about. He is a very weak candidate and in spite of last night – I still don’t think he is up to the task of being President. Very demanding job and you can’t be a milk toast. Mr. Trump was described as being aggressive – what did they think he was going to do. The little bit I saw and read about – he was not a gentleman either. No matter who you are, you don’t call the President a clown, etc. They way they frame these debates is so wrong. We haven’t had real debates for years. Shame on the moderator – he could have had better control. I even followed some Twitter Feeds afterwards (which I have never done) and it sounds like (opinions of course) that Chris Wallace was not a good moderator, allowed the event to get out of hand and was maybe a bit too partisan. Time will tell. I tend to believe some of what I read that the reason Biden has not been out much is because he may sundown on occasion (which is distinctly possible) and they were working on his cicadian clock. Keith – why would other media outlets encourage Mr. Biden not to participate in further debates. Some say they think he lost and it would be terrible to put him out there again. I would think that if he doesn’t show up – he would be cooked, but who am I.

    The sad thing about all this is the people surrounding him – I still don’t think he is well and the fact that they are willing to “use” him to get into the White House and know full well that his mental acuity will continue to decline and will work around him for power is awful. That includes his wife.

    Bottom line – Mr. Trump will still get his Supreme Court Justice confirmed.

  2. Biden was a bit of a surprise last night, as his gaffe machine was mostly mute. Then again, he did not offer a specific idea of what his administration would do, no plans, just generalities and flowing sentences, well rehearsed, designed to appeal to the voter’s softer soul.

    Trump missed some opportunities to question Biden on his plans, how he would handle Covid better, etc. Wallace was a disgrace. He failed to ask one jarring question to Biden and he failed to keep the debate under control, his main job.

    Best give and take was on Law & Order… Trump won that point big time.


  3. Drugs are the only thing that got Biden through the debate, I still think he had an earpiece as sometimes he would close his eyes and appeared to concentrate. Trump succeeded in he forced Biden to disavow the Green New Deal, supported the police, and lie about Hunter’s illegal antics. I doubt we will see Joe up and around today, he needs to put a lid on activities after last night.

  4. Joe may have been able to do better in last nights debate because he was using a MOJO CONTACT LENS.

    Normally Joe’s eye color is a light blue. Last night they were dark, like he had colorized contacts in his eye. BUT, he may have had been reading from a computer screen positioned, like a contact lens on the eye.

    The technology is about 2 years old and expensive but you can get them. They work through the use of augmented reality (AR). Words and data are presented on tiny displays built into contacts. They allow you can see turn-by-turn directions while walking or showing you your talking points for a presentation—all without holding any device or looking down at a screen because the screen display is actually in your eye. By using a wearable display, AR helps you keep your concentration by providing information heads-up and hands-free. It doesn’t interfere with you regular vision and its like you have your phone display in a corner of your vision. They are great if your giving public speeches because you can read speech and a second person can send you a feed if you need it.

    A small Lithium battery is worn by the user to power it. The battery last about 2 hours. Users tend to focus their eyes straight ahead instead of looking at others so as to concentrate of the screen display (just like Biden did last night). It can produce some ‘moments’ if you speaking by reading off the display and the display becomes a little garbeled.

    But it looks like old Joe was using one last night.

  5. I disagree that there is a problem. Biden was definitely waning towards the end of the debate. And that huge hug that his wife gave him looked like she was just so relieved he made it through.

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