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Video || Police forcibly detain former Trump campaign chief Brad Parscale

My God. One minute you are running the Trump reelection campaign, the next minute this.

The woman in the video is Parascale’s wife, Candice, who said he seemed suicidal and had the weapons around to accomplish the task.

This is bodycam video shot by one of the cops.

H/T Fox news.

4 thoughts on “Video || Police forcibly detain former Trump campaign chief Brad Parscale”

  1. If a former employee, former friend, former neighbor does something or is involved in something , it’s always FORMER TRUMP XXXX _________!!!! in the MSM.

  2. This is a private event that should not be made public. No crime happened. If he has personal issues, it needs to be dealt with. Domestic calls are some of the most dangerous events police deal with every day. If someone is unstable or could be unstable and possesses weapons, it ramps up the stress. He did come out and evidently seemed under control of himself and without any weapon. The police acted within the scope of their authority, but the video seems a bit excessive. Two last comments: bet he does not sue them, there will be no protests….

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