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Video || Trump booed as he pays respects to RBG

Does he get points for knowing this would happen and going to pay his respects anyway?

Would she have paid his respect to him?

4 thoughts on “Video || Trump booed as he pays respects to RBG”

  1. This is totally wrong but what we have come to expect from a certain group.

    Whether you are a Trump fan or not, he is the President and respect needs to be given to the holder (Trump) of the office. Secondly, he and the First Lady were there to pay their respects to Justice Ginsburg. Do these people have no shame for their actions on what was/is a solemn occasion? Disgusting.

  2. I don’t understand how our president and family can tolerate this.

    I watched Sarah H. Sanders on Dennis Prager’s Fireside Chat yesterday. She gives wonderful insights into the real man who is our president, not the media monster.

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