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Trump would accept Supreme Court decision ruling Biden won the election

All President Trump was saying Wednesday, when he refused to answer about a peaceful transfer of power, was that he wanted to make sure the election was fair, given all the uncertainty about the voting, and that there will be challenges that will likely force it to the Supreme Court.

He didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to go peacefully. And he certainly didn’t want to say he was going to lose. I believe he took the question to say whether he would accept the results, and he is not going to commit to simply accept an apparent result before the mess has been sorted through.

Biden did something similar when asked if he would accept the election results: “Sure, the full results. Count every vote.” That leaves him a clear out to say there was voter fraud, etc.

According to the Washington Examiner:

A day after being noncommittal in response to a question about a peaceful transferal of power, he told Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade that he would “agree” to stepping down if the high court ruled in such a way that handed former Vice President Joe Biden victory.

“One of the things you said when asked about if you lose the election, will you accept the result, you said, ‘Well, we’re going to have to see what happens, you know. I’ve been complaining very strongly about the ballots, and the ballots are a disaster,'” Kilmeade said to the president during a radio interview. “Many think you are saying … if you do lose, you’ll never, ever leave. That’s not what you’re saying. We just spoke to Lindsey Graham. He said, ‘We have every reason to contend anything that might be controversial.’ And I’ll paraphrase, he said if it gets to the Supreme Court and they decide Joe Biden won, Joe Biden won. Do you agree with that?”

“Oh, that I would agree with, but I think we have a long way before we get there,” the president answered, before discussing mail-in ballots.

6 thoughts on “Trump would accept Supreme Court decision ruling Biden won the election”

  1. MSNBC was making a deal deal about this last night. I am concerned that a Federal Judge has ruled that Wisconsin can still count mail in ballots after the election. In order words if the results do not go they way on election night they will count votes until they get the results they want.

  2. It’s rich hearing someone ask him that question, considering what the Dems have done to stop him at every turn the past four years – including spying and entrapment from the outgoing Obama administration, impeachment, riots, etc. After Queen Hillary lost, it has hardly been a “peaceful transfer of power.”

  3. Of course he will – but we do have legitimate concerns about the ballots and their proper handling. There is a huge difference between a voter requesting an absentee ballot and ballots just being mailed out arbitrarily. If I were a minority voter, I would find it condescending to suggest that I am not capable of requesting an absentee ballot or going to the polls; that I need someone to send me an unsolicited ballot so I am sure to vote. Then to suggest that someone can’t get it in the mail timely – what a crock. If I were a minority I would be offended almost daily how they are treated – it’s as if they don’t have a brain. Shame on so many people.

  4. President Trump will have every right to contest irregularities In the election, as does Joe Biden. To just throw up his ands and say “ok, you said I lost so I lost” after a close election with suspicious counts would be ridiculous.

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