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A day in the campaign: Trump vs. Biden

President Trump has what’s known Thursday as a full working day.

First he motorcades down to the Supreme Court to pay his respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Then he will get in his chopper on the South Lawn, take it to Joint Base Andrews, and travel to Charlotte, North Carolina to outline his new health care plan. Then, he’ll leave Charlotte and move on to Jacksonville, Florida, where he will hold a campaign rally likely lasting well over an hour. He will finally head to the Miami area, where he will stay overnight.

Meantime, in Delaware, the Biden campaign informed reporters at about 9:30 am ET that they were free to go, because Joe Biden will not be doing anything at all.

This is completely typical. Happens almost every day.

Does Biden not have the desire to get out and speak? To make his case? What kind of candidate is this?

He is either worn out, hiding his mental insufficiency, frightened to say something that will anger the left, or most likely, all three.

4 thoughts on “A day in the campaign: Trump vs. Biden”

  1. My guess: His people don’t think he needs to do anything.
    Since I decided that ALL cable news was depressing and biased, I am the queen of the other cable TV shows – documentaries, true crime, cooking, home repair, etc, and there is at least 1 Biden/Harris ad on every program. He’s “kind, so compassionate, a widower, a supporter of all things good, or Pres Trump is a liar, going to take away Social Security and health insurance from severely ill citizens, he thinks only of himself and getting rich (irony? yep) and a wholly “deplorable” person.
    Trump/Pence ads – now and then. All good, but lost in the noise.

  2. I heard this morning that they think he is spending his time being prepped for the debate. Rush L. thinks if he does the first debate then perhaps he will cancel the next ones due to the fact that “he was exposed to Covid 19” and has to quarantine. The man cannot put a coherent sentence together so how will he be able to debate Trump who is well versed on everything. JMHO.

  3. Even if he is preparing for the debates, there is something amiss. He should be out there at least once a day (somewhere). My hairdresser told me last evening that her Mom is a rabid Biden supporter. She basically told her daughter that the only people who support President Trump are uneducated and inferred ignorant. She said – well thanks Mom, I guess that includes me – (she and her husband are supporters). Sadly her comment: my point exactly. Just awful.

  4. Strangest campaign I can remember.
    No excitement. No energy.
    Can’t tell if they have conceded or believe they have it rigged enough to win…

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