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Pelosi: Christ would not want Trump honored at National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

This seems pretty rich from the leader of the party of abortion on demand and limits on freedom of religious expression by business owners.

According to the Washington Examiner:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday bashed Catholic supporters of President Trump ahead of his appearance at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast.

Speaking at an event hosted by the liberal nun activist Sister Simone Campbell, Pelosi expressed “dismay” that the NCPB invited Trump to deliver the keynote address at its annual event.

“What would Christ do? We always say that,” Pelosi said. “Well, there’s a big difference between what Christ would do and what they’re honoring this morning.”

16 thoughts on “Pelosi: Christ would not want Trump honored at National Catholic Prayer Breakfast”

  1. This woman is evil. Who is she to determine who Christ would honor. She certainly is holier than thou – isn’t she. I recall years ago a man at a church I attended was lamenting how some of the old parishioners were treating a pastor. He was younger and more charismatic and that wasn’t consistent with their way of worshiping – the man told me there were drunks he liked better than those parishioners. Isn’t that the truth. We all know people like her. The world would be a better place with fewer holier than thou people!

  2. President Trump was NOT the keynote speaker: Bishop Robert Barron ,Auxilliary Bishop of Los Angeles was the Keynote Speaker. He spoke about Thomas Jefferson, St. Junipero Serra and American Democracy. He quoted presidents George Washington and John Adams that the American experiment can only work within a spiritual and moral framework.

  3. I was blessed to hold my 7th Great-grandchild this morning. We are a family that considers each child born a blessing.
    No one here would dare or suppose what Christ would think about anyone on Earth. Pelosi is a vile, evil pretender whose claim to be a Catholic, a Christian is a lie.

    1. as a Catholic priest, I say Nancg is nearing her entrance into eternal should be Concerned about how Christ will receive her. I pray that she repents of her own sins especially the legislations on abortion, the sin which cries the heaven. President Trump is our most pro life president ever.

    1. HaHa…I have been called a “Racist, Nazi, Fascist, Deplorable, Bitter, woman-hater, immigrant-hater, right-wing extremist” etc. since 2008 by Nancy Pelosi & her evil horde of liberal-progressives-Democrats.
      Now that Trump is our President…according to Pelosi & that biased MSM, I am part of the army of ignorant darkness that voted for him and will bring the end of America in 2020… -LOL.

      So Harv, now I will also pray that a glass house falls on Pelosi :-)

  4. Pelosi must be the least self-reflective individual in public life. She lives in her own sick little world if she imagines that Jesus is just fine with the brutal killing of the most innocent and defenseless human beings on earth.

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