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Trump says he would “rather” Senate vote on Court nominee before election

Hmm. Sounds like a bit of hedging.

President Trump told reporters Monday he is considering five women for the Supreme Court nomination and that he would “rather” have the whole thing done by Election Day.

He said five, but in all likelihood, it’s down to two, Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa. And given that Lagoa is Hispanic, from Florida – a state Trump needs – and that Barrett would be more controversial, I’m beginning to think it will be Lagoa.

Trump spoke before departing for appearances in Ohio:

I’d much rather have a vote before the election because there’s a lot of work to be done, and I’d much rather have it.  And we have plenty of time to do it.  I mean, there’s really a lot of time.

So let’s say I make the announcement on Saturday — there’s a great deal of time before the election.  That’ll be up to Mitch in the Senate.  But I’d certainly much rather have the vote.  I think it sends a good signal.  And it’s solidarity and lots of other things.  And I’m just doing my constitutional obligation.  I have an obligation to do this.  So I would rather see it before the election.


4 thoughts on “Trump says he would “rather” Senate vote on Court nominee before election”

  1. The vote will happen before the election. Biden, with his army of attorneys in tow, has already said he will contest the results if Trump wins. There cannot be a 4-4 Supreme Court if this happens. Trump and McConnell know this.

  2. This whole mess is JusticeGinsburg’s fault. With failing health and advanced age, she should have retired during Obama’s tenure. Unwilling to leave a position of power, or afraid that her “way” was not going to be followed, her selfish, unpatriotic decision to stay on the bench will now cause massive problems for the country she claimed to love.
    It’s harsh to speak like this about someone who has just died, but she left a horrible mess just because she hoped to live forever.

    1. I wouldn’t say RBG was selfish. It’s not like she wasn’t on the clock Biden her time until a new president was elected – she was working when she could. A democrat would say she was selfish because of the possibility her replacement is conservative and Obama missed out.

      The difference between Trump & Obama (or for that matter Biden) is that Trump is an executive who takes action. Obama waited for things to fall in his lap. Biden looks for food crumbs in his lap.

  3. What is the backup plan if or when the Affordable Care Act is struck down by default by a 4-4 tie between the justices or a majority when a new justice is seated? If the law is struck down, how will the administration guarantee protections for Americans with preexisting conditions or address issues with the prescription donut hole that was addressed in the ACA? Will they bring back plans’ ability to place lifetime caps on benefits for those with serious health conditions? Will Americans have to pay copays for preventive care/well visits again? Will young folks under the age of 26 not be able to stay on their parents’ family plan again? Will insurance companies no longer be required to provide plans that cover core essential health benefits (emergency health services, hospitalization, mental health, lab services, etc.)? Will the healthcare exchanges, that provide plans to ~12 million Americans immediately dissolve? Will states no longer receive funding for the Americans covered by the ACA’s Medicaid expansion?

    I have been patiently waiting to hear a plan for years now. Promising Americans that we have a very beautiful healthcare plan the likes of which you’ve never seen that is perpetually two weeks away from being released is one thing, but what is the legislative plan to ensure that Americans with preexisting conditions have protections if an insurance company tries to deny coverage? I haven’t seen one yet.

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