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Democrats: Investigate the investigators of the investigation

Looks like U.S. Attorney John Durham must be close to some pretty dramatic findings and the investigation of the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia. Because the Democrats are getting very nervous.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Top House Democrats called for Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz to investigate Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham for their investigation of the Trump-Russia investigators one day after Senate Democrats made the same request.

“We write to ask that you open an emergency investigation into whether” Barr, Durham, and other Justice Department political appointees “are following DOJ’s longstanding policy to avoid taking official actions or other steps that could improperly influence the upcoming presidential election,” the Friday letter from the Democratic leaders said. “We also request that you evaluate the authority and scope under which” Durham “is operating” because Barr “has only provided vague and shifting statements about the purpose and scope of the investigation.”

Barr recently denied that he is being pressured by President Trump in his handling of Durham’s inquiry and claimed that any actions taken won’t affect the 2020 election. Barr has stressed that the Durham review will abide by Justice Department guidelines and has repeatedly said that despite urging from Trump, former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden, who is now the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, are not under criminal investigation.

4 thoughts on “Democrats: Investigate the investigators of the investigation”

  1. The Durham investigation has the potential for shocking headlines. It includes witnesses and suspects from the US, Europe and Australia. The suspects go from working level government agents up to cabinet level executives.

    In sum, we’re not talking about prosecuting traffic violations supported by radar or camera evidence. Given the complexity of the matters under investigation, John Durham and his team will deserve high praise upon completion.

  2. I’ll believe any of the Durham stuff if/when I ever see it. It has all taken way too long, the public has moved on. It seems that no one from the ruling class/deep state/politicians ever ever go to jail for any reason.

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