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Video || Joe talks about what the Harris-Biden administration will do

You know, I guess it’s just gaffes, but after Kamala Harris spoke this week about what the “Harris administration” will do, you have to wonder if there isn’t some talk behind the scenes about how things might end up if they get elected.

I’ve never heard mistakes like these.

Here is Biden Tuesday in Orlando, Florida.

4 thoughts on “Video || Joe talks about what the Harris-Biden administration will do”

  1. I’m nervous. The Biden ads are convincing, show a kind, focused man who only wants the best for the USA.
    Hardly anyone sees the real Biden , live and confused.
    They could win.
    I fear for all of us.

  2. I still think there is a solid chance Biden never debates… he gets Covid, or something else…and a surrogate swoops in. Seems unlikely but I cannot see Biden in a live debate..with anyone.


  3. President Trump (and everyone else) should stop moving the bar lower for Biden. If he only shows up at the first debate WEARING PANTS, the press and the pundits will declare him the winner. If he still has them on at the end of the debate, they will carry him around the stage ontheir shoulders.

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