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Video || Joe Biden panders to Hispanics

Joe Biden began his remarks during a Hispanic Heritage Month event in Florida Tuesday by pretending to get down to some Latino music.

Does he think people are stupid? How condescending. Has he ever even heard the song before? Of course not. Does he like it? I doubt it.

Is he going to go see black voters and play rap music he never listens to? Maybe he will sing a Hasidic song and perform some Israeli dances next time he speaks to a group of Jewish voters.

Because voters love it when you pretend you’re like them.

For all the accusations that he lies, President Trump is authentic. You would never catch him faking enjoyment of a Latino song he’d never heard.

6 thoughts on “Video || Joe Biden panders to Hispanics”

  1. He visited Kissimmee which has a large Puerto Rican population. They fled PR after the hurricane. They are mostly Democrats. The Miami Latinos are mostly Republican. They fled Castro.

  2. That’s the way I feel about a lot of things that are done or said to ethnic minorities. They act like the minority is stupid and can’t handle themselves with any kind of sophistication. Such an insult.

  3. And you should see how the lyrics translate:

    I want to breathe your neck slowly
    Let me tell you things in your ears
    So that you remember when you’re not with me
    I want to undress you with kisses slowly
    Sign the walls of your labyrinth
    And make your whole body a manuscript
    Turn it up turn it up….. turn it up, turn it up

    You get the idea.

    Latinos For Trump has already cut an ad to this, with the footage of Plugs that you’d probably expect.

    Supercringeygaffeomaticschadenfreudelicious! I love it!

  4. On topic: Why do all government mailed notices arrive in English and Spanish. I live in a town where the Hispanic population is less than 5% yet we always have signs that say VOTE AQUI at all voting places. WHY? The ballot is in English, the road signs to get to the poll is in English. Here is my point: This is insulting to all people of Spanish or Latino heritage. As if they are just too stupid to learn English. You never saw voting instructions or signs at the DMV in Hebrew, Gaelic, Polish, etc… did you? I have a large group of Hispanic business owner clients… fantastic people. They work hard, their kids go to college and they learned the language and speak it well so they can get ahead. I love them. And they should all be insulted by any politician who puts on fake airs to garner their votes.


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