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Trump says he will get a deal with Iran after he is reelected

President Trump said Tuesday that soon after he is reelected, Iran will come to the table and make a deal with the United States.

“You’ll have Iran coming back and saying, ‘Let’s get this whole thing worked out,’” he said. “If we win, we’ll have a deal with Iran. I think we’re going to make a deal with Iran.”

The president, who at the White House before a signing ceremony for peace deals between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, said the Iranians were holding their cards to see if Joe Biden, with whom they would prefer to negotiate, was elected.

The growing number of Arab countries that are striking peace deals with Israel is isolating Iran, perhaps putting pressure on the Iranian leadership to start talks.

Trump suggested he sympathized with the plight of the Iranian people

“Iran is suffering … I don’t want them to suffer. Their economy has tanked.”

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