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Live stream || Trump hosts Middle East accord signings

Will the networks, or even the cable news channels other than Fox, even cover this?

I mean, peace in the Middle East. Sounds like news, right? But of course, Trump midwifed this, not Obama.

Scheduled to begin at noon ET.

4 thoughts on “Live stream || Trump hosts Middle East accord signings”

  1. Watching them sign the agreements is not just newsworthy, but a fantastic development for the people involved.
    How did he do this? wait- doesn’t matter, what matters is that it is done.

  2. srdem 65, Also, the networks do not report when the stock marketsgo up but they will when the markets go down.

    Please note Russia, China or the UN could not have got this done.

  3. If only the networks would be honest, and actually report the good and amazing things that President Trump has accomplished. It would certainly be more truthful, and it would get more votes for the Republicans….oh wait. Of course, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, PBS and all the other biased, lying networks will never be honest.

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