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“You don’t want to see me cry”: Trump responds to “We love you chant”

This happened during a Trump rally last night in Freeland, Michigan.

The crowd, apparently spontaneously, began chanting, “We love you.”

“Don’t say that,” he said. “I’ll start to cry and that wouldn’t be good for my image . . . you don’t want to see me cry.”

4 thoughts on ““You don’t want to see me cry”: Trump responds to “We love you chant””

  1. All Americans, right or left or D or R or not interested in politics know that Donald Trump has been constantly attacked with hateful, ignorant, uncouth, profane, terroristic, insane comments for years.
    We don’t communicate with the White House, we don’t meet for coffee, don’t lunch, don’t share Sunday dinner with the Trumps. The only way he hears that he is supported, cared for, loved, is when the rally crowd tells him so.

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