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Trump brokers peace deal between Israel and Bahrain

This, of course, follows the deal struck a couple of weeks ago with the United Arab Emirates.

Oh boy. It’s going to get tough for the Norwegians now. They may have to give Trump a Nobel Peace Prize. Trump!

But he was the guy who was supposed to start World War III!! Obama was supposed to make peace in the Middle East.

But Obama was an inattentive, arrogant president who never got anyone together on anything. Because, he didn’t want to meet with people, didn’t have the smoke-filled-room character to get people to talk.

Trump is a smoke-filled-room guy, without the smoke these days, of course.

What’s more, Obama favored weaker – and because they were willing to kill civilians and support terror, less deserving – party, the Palestinians. Trump stood with Israel, and once the Arabs understood that Israel wasn’t going away, they came to the table with the guy with the strong hand, Benjamin Netanyahu.

What’s more, Trump was smart enough to resolutely oppose the malign power in the region and the Arabs’ enemy, Iran. That brought the Arabs closer to Iran’s other enemies, Israel and the United States.

And there is my PhD dissertation in Middle East peace dynamics.

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  1. What a joyful announcement. Even if they never agree on the time of day, that they are willing to recognize each other peacefully, it is indeed a miracle.

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